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We support top enterprises in the design, roll-out and operation of IoT systems
with the final goal of achieving additional control, efficiency and savings
in the management of complex networks, infrastructures and industrial plants

The Triple E
that make us special


From Concept to Execution.We have acquired specific skills to support our customers through every phase of a typical IoT Project. The business idea that comes to life, the design of the architecture, the engineering of a “product-ready” solution and/or a smart service, our presence throughout the execution phase: these are our customers’ needs; these are our goals.

Edge Computing Platform

IoT Catalyst ® is our proprietary edge computing software suite that makes IoT integration simpler, faster, and more effective. Our cloud-native solution leverages on digital twins and virtualization technology. We move the computing logic to the edge and allow the management of all IoT functionalities through a common browser across the entire application cycle.


When time to market is a main critical success factor, having a good idea is not always enough if these elements are not combined. We help you bring your ideas to production, designing the architecture that best suits your needs, and supporting you in the integration and implementation phase, our presence throughout the execution phase.

Our Technology

IoT Catalyst®, our proprietary IoT edge computing platform, is the heart of our reference architecture. Universal IoT drivers decouple things and upper level applications, making a multi-cloud strategy ready out-of-the-box. We’ve also partnered with a wide range of OTT providers, to ensure that our solutions are provisioned on the most appropriate environment for our customers.

Cross industry
IoT Solution Specialists

Energy &Gas
Industry 4.0
Smart City

From industry 4.0 to smart buildings, from connected telco towers to IoT-based energy metering, our solutions apply anywhere fragmented IoT data requires high-level advisory, architectural design, integration with enterprise systems, project governance, and fast application development and delivery.

IoT Blog
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Edge computing and digital twins can be the answer to one of the biggest challenges in IoT adoption: simplifying interconnecting things and connecting things to new or existing applications.

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There's a common thought, fear that all the IoT professionals share at the stage of the IoT maturity model: we are living the POCs Hell.

Our Managing Director’s view on Open Innovation

We asked our Managing Director to give us his view on Open Innovation, based on his research and experience with customers. Here follows an article published on Linkedin.

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