There’s a common thought, fear that all the IoT professionals share at the stage of the IoT maturity model: we are living the POCs Hell.

  1. 80% of IoT projects today are POCs

  2. 80% of POCs do not translate into any substantial revenue generating work (maybe «yet»)

  3. POCs are often so diverse that learnings are not transferrable and therefore work is not scalable

  4. POC means free consulting for companies without the necessary wherewithal to implement properly

Looking at the IoT challenge from the customer’s standpoint, facing a market where there are over 700 IoT Platforms (it is an absolutely clear indicators of a market that is not yet mature), how could our potential customers be able to make the right choice?
Someone says that in IoT POC are not necessary.

Instead, the real test comes from pilots. For sure, the IoT is “only” a wonderful opportunity to enable Digital Transformation, but it is not the Digital Transformation itself.

Customers will need to approach Digital Transformation as a strategic challenge, rather than a technology challenge.

The choice on technology will follow: that’s why we’re confident that customers themselves will pull us out of the POC’s Hell and probably enter the Purgatory of demos and trials!

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